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I’m Seomara, a Lisbon-born art director and fashion photographer living in Amsterdam. 


From a young age, I’ve had an insatiable curiosity about the world around me. After experimenting with painting, ceramics and design as a teenager, a brief dalliance with my father’s old 35mm Ricoh camera confirmed that photography was the medium through which I’d explore why the world wags and what wags it. 


Film photography will always be my first love, but these days you’ll mostly find me with a digital camera in hand, contorting myself into all sorts of positions to ‘get the shot’. I feel most alive when I’m on-set, surrounded by upbeat creatives who share a similar vision. Like attracts like, magic attracts magic. I have an anthropologist’s fascination with people and their stories. Whether I’m shooting portraits, commercial campaigns or magazine editorials, my main objective is to capture the authenticity and idiosyncrasies of people on camera. I want my work to make people feel seen, to make them feel good.

My work has appeared in various pockets of the world—both IRL and online—from a Converse campaign in China to a storefront campaign for Amsterdam-based retailer Hudson’s Bay. But why am I telling you this? You can peep it all for yourself here

Outside of the studio, I spend most of my time seeking out inspiration and finding new ways to shoot. Whether that’s slipping into deep Instagram vortexes, pouring over old fashion magazines or spending solo time strolling through nature and art galleries.


You can email me here.

You can also find me on LinkedIn (very infrequent updates) and Instagram (updated at an almost feverish pace). 

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Art Of Colours 

Calvin Klein 




Karl Lagerfeld

Red Button 


Tommy Hilfiger,

We Are Basics

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